The Reminder Binder (Get-It-Together Girl!!)

I am constantly trying to get organized....can you relate? The Reminder Binder helps me to do just that! I needed something to keep me on track both at home and at work and this handy binder does just that! (Did I mention how super cute it is as well??!) We love it so much that we've teamed up and YOU can get 30% off your order when you use code: SpreadTheLove at checkout!! This offer is good through November only so DON'T MISS OUT!!! 


Let me share some of my favorite features! 

The Reminder Binder has 17-Months worth of planning all tabbed out so you can easily get to where you are going!! (Yes Please!) 

17-Months worth of organization!! (Yes Please!)

The Stock it Pocket: A Must have! 

Stickers!!! Because, who doesn't LOVE cute stickers??!!! 

Holiday Reminders!! 

A monthly overview page is located at the beginning of each month (great for dividing out MUST-DO tasks at home/work/etc!) 

Here's your "Big Picture" view... 

Break it on down girl!!! (This is where you get into the "Meat & Potatoes" of your week! 

This removable bookmark makes it quick to get to your weekly page! 

The back of the binder gives you a place to put dates to remember:


The Nifty Gifty Checklist! 


This perforated store list is a MUST! 

More room for "stuff" :) 

And that's your Reminder Binder tour!! 

Don't forget your 30% off with code: SpreadTheLove good through November!! 


XOXO ~ Big Love Boutique

1 Corinthians 14:40 ~ Let all things be done decently and in order. 



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