The Mother-saving Class Keeper

I'm one of those moms who have really good intentions to document every breathing second of my child's life... I have a ka-trillion photos that are just taking up space on my phone or computer and one day I'm gonna go through them all and put together a spectacular scrapbook (insert winking face)'s only been six years and I have yet to start that project. 

That's why I LOVE the Class Keeper by Denise Albright!!!

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Let me give you a tour! 

There are two styles to choose from. 


The Class Keeper takes you from Preschool - College!

Wanna know my FAVORITE part??!! You can ADD or REMOVE pages! 

So my little darling won't even notice we skipped right along to first grade right?? (insert yet another winky face) 

 There's a place for all the school pics so you can see how they have grown! 

Compare their handwriting through the years! 

Checkout those sweet Halloween costumes! 

Each grade starts with a "Words of Wisdom" page where your little can tell themselves how they were feeling! <3 

Each year has a first & last day of school page. 

And of course, POCKETS for the keepsakes! 

 I am sooo excited to have this Class Keeper (along with my ka-trillion photos that will likely never see a printer or actual scrapbook of course)!  

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